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I have really enjoyed living at JonesWoods and I will be sad to leave. I also thank you for being a kind and considerate landlord which I respect and appreciate very much.  Kelly W


Thank you so much for being such an incredible landlord throughout my first year in Michigan, it’s been a pleasure to stay at 1550 Jones Drive, it’s a lovely dwelling. Neil R


Thank you for everything this year. I found my room to be the perfect accommodation for my busy life, and the setting to be gorgeous as well. By far the best housing I have yet to have in my academic career.  Andrew D


We greatly enjoyed our time here at JonesWoods, and the kindness of your family. John H


After four years of living at JonesWoods, I am sad to be leaving – I have really enjoyed my time here, but I am getting married and we need a larger space.  The room and house are beautiful, and I always appreciated your quick responsiveness. Darcee G


My fiancé and I have enjoyed this place for four years. It was the best rental we have had in A2.  Matt R


I lived in one of the JonesWoods properties for about 3 years and I must say my experience has been excellent. I recommend it to anyone without any reservation.  Kevin H


Jack is an excellent landlord. He was always professional, courteous and prompt. I rented a room on the first floor of a 3-floor 4-bedroom house. Ann Arbor is a university town and housing is always dynamic in the sense that some of the housemates changed every 1 or 2 years. Jack carefully picked whom he would rent the property to and then gave all the residents a chance to interview with the incoming person before making a final decision. That ensured a smooth flow of things in the house. I was working as a postdoc at the university and wanted a quiet, noise-free place so that I could work after coming back from work in the evening and over the weekends. I never had a problem with noise because all my housemates were polite and well-behaved.  Alexander S


If there is anything wrong in our rooms or in the common areas, say stove not working or shower head not working etc., all that we had to do was call Jack and he would send his handyman to fix it within an hour to a day depending on how urgent the problem is. In winters, when there is heavy snow Jack ensured that his handyman cleared and salted the walkway/driveway so that I don't have to shovel when I came back late in the night. Ziqian W


The house that I lived in was always maintained clean and neat. In the 3 years that I lived there, Jack employed professional cleaners and got the entire house thoroughly cleaned 2 or 3 times (can't remember exactly). Jack even laid down guidelines for keeping the house clean so that the responsibility is shared among the housemates. Ted L


When I moved in, I chose the house because it was close to school and offered garage parking (snow-free in winters). After living there for 3 years, I can now say that if I return to Ann Arbor and need to rent a room in a house, I will definitely go back to JonesWoods. Arun H


My wife and I moved to the US 8 months ago. Jack was very nice to us. I contact him via email and we made an agreement even though he did not know us well. He is a very nice guy and he even came to the train station to pick us up to the apartment. He is a very responsible man. Whenever we had a problem with our flat he immediately sent a handyman to repair the problems. We were so happy in his apartment. Morteza M


My wife and I lived at Jones Woods Properties for the entire four years that we were in Ann Arbor. We loved the wood floors, high ceilings, and natural light. The apartment was conveniently located around lots of wildlife - birds, squirrels, and deer were common sightings and even the occasional turkey. Jack was professional and an extremely responsive landlord, which was great, especially if something needed to be fixed in a pinch. If we did not relocate, we certainly would have extended our stay at Jones Woods. We highly recommend Jack and Jones Woods to others interested in living in Ann Arbor.  Ryan L


I spent 4 years living in a JonesWoods property located on a gorgeous wooded lot and found it to be very well-appointed, well-maintained, and surprisingly affordable.  I would recommend them to anyone living in the Ann Arbor area.  Mario V

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